The Netherlands Business Council France can support you by organising different services.

Our services

The Netherlands Business Council France is the link between the private and public sector for Dutch companies operating and starting in France. Our goal is to maximize the business potential by creating opportunities and removing obstacles that could slow down your growth.

collaboration Matchmaking

The ideal solution to develop your network. The Netherlands Business Council France is happy to support you in identifying and setting up meetings with potential business partners in France.

business Business Trip

The Netherlands Business Council France can support you by organising a business trip or study trip to France.

podium-with-speaker Knowledge Group

The Knowledge Group is a selected group of members coming together four times per year to discuss latest topics with industry partners in different sectors in France.

What we do for our members

We do this by providing a peer-to-peer network for c-level executives of listed companies so they can share, learn and discuss business cases and challenges on a national and global level.

Because of our strong connection with the Dutch government and as the only officially recognized organization, we are able to provide high-level access to government and c-level executives in France.

For organizations and companies new to the French market, we offer practical information on regulations and organize events to connect with other entrepreneurs in France.

1. We provide a soft landing to those who are new to the French market
If you are new to the French market, there are many cultural differences that you will encounter. How to conduct business, dealing with employees or governmental organizations, getting meetings with the French, legal, financial services or how to do your taxes. Speeding up this learning curve and avoiding mistakes save valuable time. Even experienced entrepreneurs and companies have come across obvious obstacles that could have been avoided. We can assist with help.

2. Access and representation to the government
We have a strong voice for the Dutch business community through our partnership with NLinBusiness and solid relation with the Dutch Embassy. As a professional and official organization, we are able to provide our members with access to contacts, research the market and regulations, and support you during times when it’s most needed.

3. C-level peer-to-peer network
At an executive level, it’s often hard to get into contact with your peers and discuss your industry. We organize round table discussions based on industry or expertise with key figures in the French business and political environment. During these sessions, the focus will be on regulatory, political and industry topics to drive your business forward.