Board & Team

The Dutch Netherlands Business Council was founded on a survey of Dutch entrepreneurs planning to develop or create their activities in France. This collection of data highlighted the need for support, network, and lobby.

Based on these needs, a group of 6 Dutch people based in France for many years created in January 2021 what we call today “NLBC”. With each one having a lot of experience and knowledge in his own sector, this contributed to develop a wide and diversified network.

On a day-to-day basis, the council is managed by two Business Developers.

NLBC Paris

Anouk Zoet
Anouk Zoet Business Director
Expertise: Networking, Public affairs, Communication
Charles-David d'Artagnan
Charles-David d'Artagnan Business development Intern | International Business Administration

Founding Board Members

Willemijn Berenschot
Willemijn Berenschot Founding Board Member
Expertise: Legal, Public affairs
Karel-Oscar Van Hengel
Karel-Oscar Van Hengel Founding Board Member
Expertise: HR & Talent Acquisition, Networking & Business Development
Maarten de Bruijn
Maarten de Bruijn Founding Board Member
Expertise: Corporate accounts, Business Strategy
Willem-Hein Couwenberg
Willem-Hein Couwenberg Founding Board Member
Expertise: Tech, Innovation & IT
Michael Pistecky
Michael Pistecky Liaison Dutch embassy and Head of Economic Policy and Enterprise – Paris Embassy
Rick Floore
Rick Floore Founding Board Member
Expertise: Treasurer, trilingual, Finance Professional, Change Agent

Board & Team