Pro Paie Consulting

“Achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings by outsourcing payroll and HR administration functions, rather than performing them in-house:” 

Accountants’ speciality is mainly bookkeeping whereas a payroll provider is the specialist in salary administration !

We are a Payroll & HR provider that performs French payroll and related services for, among other things, French employees of mainly foreign-based employers, with or without a permanent establishment in France.

Our main tasks are to advise and guide many international customers on French employee benefits, labour costs,  and that the employer does not run an unnecessary risk due to unfamiliarity with the rules in France.

We are:

  • Strong proactive
  • Troubleshooting
  • Customer and service oriented
  • Adaptable
Address Rue Crepet 23 69007 Lyon View map
Contact Ingrid Jehanne
Phone +33 (0)6 79 77 07 33

Pro Paie Consulting

Rue Crepet 23, 69007 Lyon

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