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The relation between France and the Netherlands

France has become the third main trade partner of the Netherlands after Germany and Belgium.

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Business opportunities in France

France positions itself actively as an open economy towards foreign investment, start-ups, scale-ups and SME’s

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Trends following Covid-19

In response to the crisis, the French national and regional authorities have put into place the Economic Response Plan in order to mitigate the economic impact on businesses.

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Jean-François Chiron

Director Ebusco France

"On a business point of view we are looking for zero emission projects in France. I would like to share information with the members of the NLBC to be able to do some efficient lobbying and to catch all the opportunities." Jean-François Chiron (March 31, 2021)

Bas Kwakkel

Chief Sales Officer De Boer Transport

Bas Kwakkel was a guest at BNR News Radio's World Representatives programme in February 2022. Bas was interviewed about doing business in France, an adventure with uncertainties but where core values, support and network are necessary.

Official information

Innovatie en Infrastructuur - 2021

The Innovation and Infrastructure team of the Dutch Embassy in Paris keeps you informed about French developments in the field of innovation, circular economy and sustainability, infrastructure and transport.

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Agroberichten Buitenland - 2021

The agricultural team of the Dutch Embassy in Paris is charged with strengthening bilateral cooperation in the agribusiness sector, providing services for the Dutch agri-business sector and carrying out promotional activities.

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